The Best Way To Resolve Negative Emotions

| March 31, 2010

Today I am going to give you a quote by Robert G. Smith, the creator of Faster EFT. I think this is the key to overcoming your emotional pain associated with grief and loss. And Faster EFT is the easiest and fastest way to resolve this pain. You can find Robert on YouTube under healingmagic […]

Divorce is different from death, but not much!

| March 6, 2010

Divorce is different than death, but it is loss none the less. The main difference is that in death, you won’t see the person again, they are gone from this earth. In divorce, you are apart, but you may see the other party again, maybe quiet often. It could be like poking a stick in […]

Should We Grieve?

| May 15, 2009

Should we grieve? The Bible says we should cry at birth and rejoice at death. So should we grieve? Webster’s Dictionary gives grief the following definition, “Deep and poignant distress caused by or as by bereavement.” It also calls it suffering. So should we grieve? First, let me say I believe there is a difference […]


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