Emotional Freedom Techniques can help you relieve the emotional pain of grief!

Posted By on February 9, 2010

After studying Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for several years now, I am finally ready to help those suffering from grief. There are many support groups, and therapist who work to help those suffering from the pain of grief, but the pain still persists. By using EFT it is possible to remove the emotional pain of your grief and change your life in a very short time. You will always remember your loved one(s), but you can remove the hurt so you no longer suffer the painful thoughts and emotions caused by your grief.

Since each person has their own special grief emotions, there is not a one size fits all in EFT. The Technique of tapping is the same for everyone, with some minor differences, but the emotions have to be addressed directly, according to each person’s situation.

It is my goal to write a book and make a DVD that will show the techniques of EFT, and also will teach each person how to address their emotions on a personal basis. For now I am working on doing research by helping people overcome their grief so I can understand better how I need to address the different emotions.

For now, I am willing to work with a few people on a one to one basis via email or over the phone to help you overcome the hurtful emotions of your grief.

If you would like to help me and at the same time heal your hurts please email me at griefrecoverythatworks@gmail.com

I will only be offering free counseling until I get enough information to finish my book, so please drop me an email soon so I can be of help to you.

James Einert, ND, CH

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  2. Do you have the number of people you need at this point? I only surfed the web today, and found your site. My husband died on October 11, 2007. I am entering my 3rd year, yet can’t seem to get ‘unstuck’ from the ‘aloneness’ and despair. I still experience the tsnami of my grief and loss daily. Intellectually I understand it, but emotionally, I still don’t feel confident in my decision making processes and am too over-whelmed by ‘this journey’ (a term I detest), so instead, I feel like I am just ‘drifting’ through my life. I have done and made stupid decisions. I have tried to ‘move on’ to another relationship, but that ended on the 2nd anniversary of my husband’s death: I felt ‘left’ all over again. My man friend told me he was ‘tired of living with my husband’s ghost’. I don’t even want to try again to work on any relationships, yet, I also don’t want to ‘stay stuck’. How can I be so confident and self-assured in my ‘work persona’ but feel so empty and lost and confused when I go home at the end of the day?

  3. Janice

    If you check out my new post, you will see that I am still looking for people to tell me their story and to help anyone whom I can, so please drop me an email at griefrecoverythatworks@gmail.com and I will get back with you and I can help you or help you find someone in your area that can help. Just let me know what you need.


    James Einert, ND, CH

  4. are you still seeking volunteers?

  5. Diana,

    I am still accepting volunteers. Drop me an email at griefrecoverythatworks@gmail.com and I will get with you as soon as possible.


    James Einert, ND, CH

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    Great Job!

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