Are There Stages of Grief?

Posted By on January 23, 2010

Some grief “experts” say there are no stages of grief, others say there are! I believe there are no set stages of grief, but the griever may go through some stages to recover.

The really important information is not whether or not there are stages of grief, but how to recover from grief.

Grief is an emotional nightmare. It covers many emotions, many times several at once, but no matter what emotions you suffer in grief, they are your emotions. They come from you, not from anyone else. They are your personal emotions.

I think there are three main types of grieving people. First there are those that grieve right away and get over the major issues of grief quickly. Second there are those who grieve for a long time and finally get past the major grief issues. Then there are those who never “get over” their grief. Of course there are people who fall between the cracks of these 3 simple definitions, but I am looking from a broad perspective here.

I believe those who grieve right away and get over the major issues quickly, are those who have a good understanding of what grief and the loss of their loved one means to them. They have a good image of what death means to them and are able to cope with the loss in their life. In the second case, they have an idea of what death means to them, but are just not totally prepaired to let go of the loved one. (All three types of mourners will keep memories of their loved one close at hand.) The third type person, is not ready to lose their loved one, and never had any intention of them dying. They can grasp the concept of the person being gone. But are not certain of where the loved one is, or if there is any hope of ever seeing them again.

Many people in the first group have some kind of religious influence in their life and expect their loved one is in a better place, and have the hope that someday they will see them again. Of course even some of the people in this group are very emotional and can’t get over missing their loved one. These people will continue to grieve for an extended period of time, and may have a lot of trouble getting over their loss.

The 2nd and 3rd groups of people probably don’t have as much hope of their loved one being in a better place or of them seeing them ever again, and thereby would normally be at greater risk of being more emotional at the death of a loved one.

The bottom line is if you are still having trouble getting over the loss of a loved one, and it has been more than a month since your loss, you might want to get help in overcoming your grief.

The good news here is I am very close to releasing my grief recovery program on this website and making it available to help you get over your grief issues quickly and completely. Keep watching this blog and I will announce when it is available for you to buy. I have spent the past several months testing it out and tweeking it, and it is going to be a wonderful program at a price you can afford.

God Bless and keep you!

James Einert, ND, CH

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